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se is divided into three grades, and whoever stands


first in all of them is entitled, of course, to the high


est pay for his services. Usually, however, these high q


ualifications secure a reward beyond the scale. This sys

tem of rewarding labor has a far-rea


rmity with the general tendency of our efforts to promote steady

values. The most important element of cost in all commodities offered for sale is labor, and that can never be cheapened. We have not a single product of industry in our list which represents in its labor cost, as many of yours do, the underpain, gaunt and hopeless toil of some fellow creature struggling for the scanty means to live. Owing to our many concessions physical industry has been curtailed of that excessively wearisome and exhausting character known to you. Without the oppressions which bear down upon it on your planet, its pursuit never reaches

that forced extremity which brings the bent form and care-worn face. A considerate custom has fixed our period of daily labor at six hours; one-half of which, under the equitable[Pg 181] adjustment of our wage rates, affords su

ry, is made in the rate of wages
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Under our system three hours of work each day affords a shar

From these careful attentions to the interests of labor, we have brought it into repute as one of the most honorable as well as the most profitable pursuits of life. I have endeavored to show you some of the ways by whic


h this grand purpose has been attained.

I must not, however, omit to remind you, that as our government takes upon itself to perform innumerable enterprises, which on the Earth are left to individuals and organizations of men, its direct dealings with those who


toil are more intimate and extensive than yours. It is bette

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e been directed to this end of supporting labor, and out of it, without question, co

mes the general serenity and contentment which prevail. CHAPTER X. When it is decided by our authorities that a new city shall be built to meet the requirements of increasi

ng numbers, and to establish that convenient co-operation in branches of industry and trade which close association affords, its location is left entirely to the judgment of a board of government

officers, of sanitary and civil engineering skill. If, as is frequently the case, the proposed site is already occupied by one or mo

re tenants in rural pursuits, they are scrupulously indemnified in all losses which result from their dispossession. I wish to impress upon you here, that a tenant, under our government, has ev

en greater securit

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y of possession than your land owners. The prevailing

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